Ori Spigelman
Believe in free press, local chitchat, and non creepy mobile apps.

Amit Banay
Android man

A Naturally Born Developer.

Matthew Krom
iOS & Server
MIT Media lab
Loves working from London

Esther Grace
Editor in Chief
PHC & Harvard
Advocate of free and active local press

Karin Zalkind
Community organizer
Interior designerBlogger, and all for Paying it Forward

Gilad Fried
Graphic Art
Designer at and a master of printed art

Amy Stellhorn
Founder, Big Monocle. ‘To live creative, lose your fear of being wrong’

Jef Miller
Ideation Jedi and firewood whittler, Big Monocle. ‘Oh, stars abooooove.’

Jeff White
Brooding poet, Big Monocle. ‘You can’t sneeze gold, it must be picked’