About Spatter

What can you do around here right now??

Admit it;  you hardly know what’s happening in your own backyard.  Nearby.  In places you can easily get to right now, or tomorrow (and good luck googling for it..)

Here’s the thing:  Live music in the bar, free class at the yoga place, decoration workshop at the toy store, author coming to the bookstore, City party in the commons, free movie in the library.. these are not world news, but these are real options if you could easily tap into it whenever you landed without a plan..

This doesn’t call for more social networks.  It calls for a social mindset.


Spatter is a billboard sign that works by proximity, timeliness, and local popularity, WITHOUT profiling you on the way.
We want to allow discovery, and allow locals who are throwing events to easily post it to the attention of people like you, who are simply nearby, but not in the store to grab a postcard.

So if you have something going, or know of something worth doing, take a pic of the poster, add a few words or a link and post it.  Done.  You don’t have to be a social big wig.  It’s WHAT you say, not WHO you are.  Posts stay where you leave it, visible to anybody near to benefit from or add to.

So Go Spatter!  Pay it forward!  Make this place cooler for you and us!